Earth’s Wilderness Carved Up Into 600,000 Little Pieces

Earth’s Wilderness Carved Up Into 600,000 Little Pieces.

Deforestation worldwide is ongoing, but recent research by a team of scientists headed by Pierre Ibisch of the Centre for Econics and Ecosystem Management and eleven other institutions, concluded that roads fragment landscapes and trigger human colonisation and degradation of ecosystems, to the detriment of biodiversity and ecosystem functions. According to its report, about 80% of Earth’s terrestrial surface remains roadless, but this area is fragmented into ~600,000 patches, more than half of which are less than one square kilometre and only 7% of which are larger than 100 square kilometres. Global protection of ecologically valuable roadless areas is inadequate, and iInternational recognition and protection of roadless areas is urgently needed to halt their continued loss.

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