A Quest For Tribes

A Quest For Tribes.

This is an update on the journeys of the photographer Jimmy Nelson, as he travelled the world documenting vanishing indigenous tribes for four years on his project Before They Pass Away. Some of his photographs are displayed this week at Brussel’s La Photographie Galerie. A few of his photos here are on the Polynesians from the Marquesas Islands; the Comorant fishermen of Yangshuo in Guilin, China; the Miao tribal group from Guiyang Province in China; the highland Quechuas of Quito in Peru; the nomadic Wodaabe on the central Chadian plains; and the tall cattle herding Mundari people in South Sudan. The original attire of some of these tribal groups are loaded with cultural meanings and nuances, but consumerism has crept into the furthest corners of our world and a general glance around informs us that our dressing look much alike, almost universal. Our aspirations change, so do the way we think, what we consume as food, and communicate. Earning a livelihood changes too, and as automation progresses, different jobs will loose their relevance. Soon, the meanings within cultures will be lost to a new generation.Jimmy Nelson attempts to preserve for us some meaning of our ancestral roots in the cultures he captures on film.

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