Terrorism Deaths Fall Despite Widening Impact Of Attacks

Terrorism Deaths Fall Despite Widening Impact Of Attacks.

The Global Terrorism Index 2016 released by the Institute for Economics and Peace on 16 November 2016: 650% increase in deaths from terrorism amongst OECD member countries:

  • 10% fall in global deaths from terrorism in 2015 overshadowed by a rise in the overall impact of terrorism as more countries register record terrorist levels;
  • Military success against ISIL and Boko Haram resulted in fewer deaths in Iraq and Nigeria, however the two groups spread terror to neighbouring states and regions;
  • 23 countries registered their highest number of deaths from terrorism on record, compared to previous high of 17 in 2014;
  • 21 of the 34 OECD member countries experienced at least one terrorist attack with the majority of deaths occurring in Turkey and France;
  • France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Tunisia experienced sizable increases in terrorism influencing an overall deterioration of 6% in the GTI score; and
  • The global economic impact of terrorism amounted to US$89.6 billion in 2015

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