The New Periodic Table With How The Elements Are Used

The New Periodic Table With How The Elements Are Used.

The periodic table is the most iconic scientific visualization in the world, but its bare details and numbers are not illustrative of the usefulness of the depicted elements. Now, Seattle-based designer Keith Enevoldsen has come up with a graphical-friendly table that puts the elements in the context of their everyday uses, especially for the more common elements. For example, there is strontium for fireworks, or xenon for high-intensity lamps inside lighthouses, or thulium for laser eye surgery, or krypton for flashlights, or americium for smoke detectors, and cerium for lighter flints. However, a few elements such as protactinium and berkelium have no current uses. Similarly, the short-lived, man-made elements starting with einsteinium have no uses at the moment either.


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