To Truly Forgive

To Truly Forgive.

Let us not, then merely say to God: “Do not remember our sins,” but let all of us address to ourselves the words: “Let us not remember the offences of our fellow slaves committed against us.” And we should do this because you pass judgment on your sins and then God follows; you write the law about forgiveness and punishment, and proclaim the sentence for such things. You are, therefore, responsible for God’s remembering or not remembering them. That is why Paul bids us to forgive, “if anyone has a grievance against any other,” (Col 3:13) and not merely to forgive, but in such a way that no trace remains.

Besides, Christ not only has not brought our sins to light, but has not even reminded us that we ourselves have transgressed or said: “You have committed such or such sins.” On the contrary, He has both forgiven and wiped out the record, and has not kept an account of our sins, as Paul has also made clear (Col 2:14). Let us also do this, and let us erase everything from our minds.

John Chrysostom (c. 347 – 407)