2016 Rio Paralympic Games Part 2

2016 Rio Paralympic Games Part 2.

The Summer Paralympic Games, organized by the International Paralympic Committee and held every four years, concluded yesterday, Sunday, 18 September. The Paralympic Games are an international multi-sport event, where athletes with physical disabilities compete. This includes athletes with mobility disabilities, amputations, blindness, and cerebral palsy. The first official Paralympic Games, was held in Rome in 1960, when 400 athletes in wheelchairs from 23 countries competed. Every participant at the Paralympics has their disability grouped into one of ten disability categories; impaired muscle power, impaired passive range of movement, limb deficiency, leg length difference, short stature, hypertonia, ataxia, athetosis, vision impairment and intellectual impairment. EachParalympic sport then has its own classifications, dependent on the specific physical demands of competition. Events are given a code, made of numbers and letters, describing the type of event and classification of the athletes competing.

The United States have been the top-ranking nation for eight of the 13 Paralympic Summer Games. China has been the top-ranking nation for the four most recent Games, including the 2016 Games. Tokyo will host the 2020 Summer Paralympics.