The Most Ferocious Animal Bites

The Most Ferocious Animal Bites.

Quite apart from teeny-weeny bites by mosquitoes and other pesky insects, to be attacked by an Alsatian dog when I was 7 years old was my most horrific animal bite. Well, this article graduates us beyond dog bites or cat scratches to the toothsome crocs, piranhas, sharks, whales and the hyenas. These animal bites are not just limited to the range and number of teeth they possess, but also the force applied in their bites, which is measured in terms of Newtons (N); one Newton is the weight of an average apple, and ten Newtons is one kilogram force at sea level. A normal crunch by the human’s second molars is about 1,317N. Want to know the chomping strength of some of these creatures?

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