Your Best Friend If You Are Injured Behind Enemy Lines

Your Best Friend If You Are Injured Behind Enemy Lines.

Mark Synnott writing for the National Geographic conducted this interview with Master Sgt Ivan Ruiz, a PJ – a highly trained combat medic and soldier in the para-rescue unit of the U.S. Air Force. His tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2013 provided some background to his life-or-death experiences of rescue efforts in a war zone. Although I have never tasted real combat as a medic during my national service years, I deeply appreciate Ruiz’s contribution in saving lives; especially with complex penetration war wounds and the provision of emergency first aid under fire, usually on the front lines of conflicts. Whether a casualty will survive a safe evacuation to a field hospital, often would depend on the sacrifices of a PJ and the efficacies of such treatment. The PJ is undoubtedly your best friend under such circumstances.

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