A Child of War, Omran Daqneesh

A Child of War, Omran Daqneesh.

A poignant shot of this 5 year-old casualty in an ambulance, one of the fortunate few who was pulled out of the rubble in the Aleppo neighbourhood of Qaterji after an indiscriminate aerial Russian airstrike yesterday. The look of traumatic shock is still palpable on this young boy’s face. Dr Mohammad, a surgeon in Aleppo, who declined to give his surname, treated the young Omran when he arrived at the hospital. He was struck by how stunned the boy was. “He arrived in total shock, total bewilderment at what happened. His body was covered in dust, in addition to blood on his face from a wound on his forehead, and the blood mixed with the dust. He was frightened and shocked. He had been sitting safely in his home, and the house was brought down on top of him. When we were treating him, he was not screaming or crying, just in shock,” he said. Omran is just one of innumerable children caught up in this cruel and senseless killing spree in Iraq and Syria.

Credit: The Guardian 18 August 2016