Who Takes Issue With Me?

‘Who Takes Issue With Me? Let Him Stand Against Me. I released the condemned; I brought the dead to life; I raise up the buried. Who is there that contradicts me? I am the one,’ says the Christ.

‘I am the one that destroyed death and triumphed over the enemy and trod down Hades and bound the strong one and carried off man to the heights of heaven; I am the one,’ says the Christ.

‘Come then, all you families of men who are compounded with sins, and get forgiveness of sins. For I am your forgiveness, I am the Pascha of salvation, I am the lamb slain for you; I am your ransom, I am your life, I am your light, I am your salvation, I am your resurrection, I am your king. I will raise you up by my right hand; I am leading you up to the heights of heaven; there I will show you the Father from ages past.’

Melito of Sardis, c.160