The Risk of Man’s Creation

The Risk of Man’s Creation.

When God pauses before He composes man into His creation, we sense that there is a risk connected with it: will the creation of man mean the coronation of creation or its crucifixion? Will creation reach its pinnacle when there is added to its creatures a being who rises above the dull level of reflex and instinct, who is endowed with mind and will, and is capable of living as a partner and co-worker of God his creator? Or is the creation of this being called ‘man’ the first stage in a tremendous descent that starts in the Garden of Eden and leads to a disturbed and desolated earth, that transforms the child and image of God into a robber and a rebel, and through him carries war and rumours of war to the farthest planets?

Coronation or crucifixion of creation – that is the question here. And we understand why God pauses and hesitates, for He is facing a risk. What a breath-taking thought! Is it not almost blasphemous even to think of such a thing? And this is the way it was. In setting over against Himself a being to whom He gave freedom and power, He risked the possibilities that the child would become a competitor, that the child would become a megalomaniacal rival of the creator.

Helmut Thielicke