Where Your Country Ranks on Retirement

Where Your Country Ranks on Retirement.

43 nations have been included in this global retirement index for 2016 prepared by Natixis Global Asset Management. It is ranked according to health (life expectancy, health expenditure per capita, non-insured health expenditure), finances in retirement (old-age dependency, bank non-performing loans, inflation, interest rates, tax pressure, governance, government indebtedness), quality of life (happiness, air quality, water and sanitation, biodiversity and habitat, climate change and energy), and material wellbeing (income inequality, income per capita, unemployment).

Natixis Global Asset Management ($884.9 billion AUM) is a multi-affiliate organization that offers a single point of access to more than 20 specialized investment firms in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The firm ranks among the world’s largest asset managers.

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