Dissociative Identity Disorder: Fearfully And Wonderfully Made (30)

Dissociative Identity Disorder: Fearfully And Wonderfully Made (30).

Psalm 139: 13 – 18.

dissociated quotesIn further sessions, Francis revealed some personal information concerning Jane’s past. He was two year’s Jane’s junior and her next door neigbour when she was staying at Uncle Eddy and Aunt Doreen’s home. He heard about her rape but unlike others, he would talk to her from time-to-time across the fence when the adults were out, despite the latters’ disapproval. They became good friends. When they met again in Singapore, there appears to be no doubt that Francis clued Jane in on Thomas’ indiscretions in the hotel’s bar. This provided me with an opportunity to corroborate several pieces of information concerning Mike and Naomi as well. At the mention of their names, they surfaced immediately to engage in conversation with Francis, but this time Jane was totally co-conscious with the two of them, but not Francis.

Like all alters, and specifically in trance therapy, can we believe what they say? If they are not co-conscious, cross checking is possible with Jane and other alters, but at the end of the day, the psychologist works with what is available and the patient’s own story. His job is not that of a detective attempting to hunt down the truth or disproving the patient’s angle of his story; this can be disastrous and counter-productive, and will probably shut down certain alters’ surfacing once and for all. With Jane, the truth surfaced later when her memory system had been reintegrated and further healing completed.

It took six sessions to integrate the information from Francis, Mike and Naomi within Jane, as she was beginning to feel uncomfortable with what Francis had talked about during her time with Uncle Eddy. Nancy was still demanding her compensation money from Thomas regularly during the early hours of the morning each week. The betrayal engendered by spousal infidelity had a tremendous impact on the innocent party, and Jane’s case was not unusual. Since the alter Naomi surfaced in counselling nearly two years ago, her oppositional attitude to Thomas had barely changed. Jane’s hurt seemed irreparable as Naomi kept up her pressure on Thomas, and at times, he was at his wit’s end! The slow process for Jane coming to terms with her painful past cannot be hurried as the three-way conversation with Thomas, Naomi, and Jane continued.

To add salt to the wound, a new alter John surfaced. He was Thomas’ regular drinking partner. They would be off visiting bar after bar in the evenings and on weekends, and would remain uncontactable. He came three times in a week, during the afternoons, when Jane was having her naps. He insisted that Thomas visit him at a nursing home as he was dying of liver cirrhosis. In fact, he had already perished according to Thomas, but like all alters, their memories only hold historical information. Once, Jane was acquainted with up-to-date news about John and the latter was oriented on the nature of his own memory, Jane became more amenable to work on her memories of John.

Jane’s triggers and her coping strategies.