The Last Day of 2015

The Last Day of 2015

In reviewing 2015, a couple of Scriptures came to mind, apart from meditations in the Second Epistle of Peter (viz., 2 Peter 1:1 – 11) being the passage that was chosen at the year’s commencement.


As expected, this year’s attempts at godliness in drawing closer to the Lord, invariably gained insights into my own dark humanity, and if His grace and love were not sufficient, denial would reign and attitudinal changes become impossible. Obedience is the uncomfortable watch-word to an earthy rebel.



Quite apart from His lovingkindness, His palpable Presence at times, watches over us, as Donna and I vulnerably negotiate the various scenes and circumstances in our small and at times complex world. For this, we are very thankful.


And always attempting to sensitively ensure that in all my conscious motivations, thoughts, and actions that –