Sunday, 15 December, 2019

Day: December 19, 2015


Peony The peony is a flowering plant in the genus Paeonia, the only genus in the family Paeoniaceae. They are native to Asia, Southern Europe and Western North America. Boundaries between species are not clear and estimates of the number of species range from 25 to 40. Most are herbaceous perennial plants 0.5–1.5 metres (1.6–4.9 ft) tall, but some resemble trees 1.5–3 metres (4.9–9.8 ft) tall. They have

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Aura Mission Tracks Global Pollutant Trends

Aura Mission Tracks Global Pollutant Trends. Aura (Latin for breeze) obtains measurements of ozone, aerosols and key gases throughout the atmosphere using technologically innovative space instrumentation. The Dutch and Finnish scientists who initiated the pollutant tracking since 2004, has yielded confirmatory results that are not so shocking. It pinpoints areas on

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