Dissociative Identity Disorder: Fearfully And Wonderfully Made (13)

Dissociative Identity Disorder: Fearfully And Wonderfully Made (13)

Psalm 139: 13 – 18

7888a1ddd70de9cd0a12d5566eba9421Concurrently, Eddy and Mike resurfaced during our sessions with Doreen.

In the midst of one of these sessions, Pearl announced that Eddy would like to talk. Once we came to a convenient point for Doreen to be interrupted, we sought permission from her to have Eddy surface. Eddy came forward and confessed that he had known for a long time that his brother, Pete, would not return to fetch her home, but had kept that information from Jane. One day, just before Jane left for Singapore to be married, he told her. At that point, Jane dissociated that information into Eddy. He apologized to Jane. In processing with Jane after the session with Eddy, she wept bitterly over the pain caused by her father’s abandonment.

In a separate session, Doreen’s processing was disrupted again, and Mike came out. The night before, Thomas had a verbal alternation with Jane at home over his historical affair. At 3.00am the following morning, Mike surfaced to torment Thomas, accusing him of infidelity. It is not uncommon for a patient’s alter to take sides in any negative interaction with a perceived protagonist, in this case, Thomas. We must remember that a dissociated mental frame is extremely fragile, and any sustained stress would likely activate alters in reaction or retaliation. The trigger often has nothing to do with what happened in the past. On many occasions, Jane herself is not co-conscious with these alters surfacing, but a major controlling alter would report their occurrences. These incidents were repeated throughout our counseling journey.

One evening, Jane fainted in the bathroom. She regained consciousness after 45 minutes. When she stepped into my office, she said an old lady wanted to talk to me. Jane did not know who she was. A trance state was induced, and Christine (about 24 years old), Thomas’ mother came out. She had been the Hotel manageress and spent a large proportion of her time in the business, neglecting her family. She apologized to Jane for the way her youngest daughter had regularly abused her verbally, her son’s (Thomas) infidelity, and not supporting her sufficiently during her time with the family. Once forgiveness had been sorted out, I immediately addressed the issue of Jane’s fainting spells to acquaint Christine of the dangers. She understood and promised she would not repeat the offending behaviour.

In another session, Jane said that one of her sons wanted to talk to me. Craig (18 to 40 years old), Jane’s second son spoke of his disappointing experiences with his mother. He addressed the bitter issue of his mother’s betrayal in fostering him out at a young age, as she was coping with depression. His rejection of his parents and eventual separation from his foster parents to be returned to Thomas and Jane, drove him into drug abuse. This eventually led him into several altercations with the law and a prison term. Jane watched Craig’s withdrawal reactions from drugs while in prison, on one of her visits, and this traumatized her. After his release, his thieving ways to fund his recurring drug habit drove him into Malaysia in order to escape the law. Months later, a newspaper clip was brought to Jane’s attention that the Malaysian police were seeking for someone to come forward to identify an unconscious man in a local hospital, whose identity was unknown. It was Craig. He was brought back to Singapore, and in due course put in a nursing home where medical attention was available. Craig regained consciousness, but was a quadriplegic and lost most of his memories due to severe head trauma suffered during an attempted robbery. He was also diagnosed HIV positive.

Concurrent with these sessions, Craig passed on with the onset of full blown AIDS. The depth of Jane’s guilt in fostering Craig out, and his subsequent drug taking, brushes with the law, together with his medical condition, was profound. It took two months to resolve the trauma of these events directly related to the alter called Craig, before we were able to move on.

Pearl continued to introduce us to several other alters.