Where Is Your Father?

John 8: 19

“Where is your Father?” Without doubt they inquired in a sarcastic way about his “Father.” For they not only, with their usual pride, treat what Christ said about the Father contemptuously, but also ridicule him for highly exalting his Father, as if he himself traced his origin from heaven. Hence these words affirm that they do not value Christ’s “Father” so highly as to ascribe to his Son anything on his account. The reason why there is such bold contempt of Christ everywhere today is that few believe that Christ was sent by God.

risen“You do not know me …” He does not condescend to give them a straight answer, but curtly reproaches the ignorance within which they flattered themselves. They asked about the “Father,” and yet with the Son present before their eyes, seeing they did not see. Therefore it was a just punishment of their pride and wicked ingratitude that those who despised the Son of God, who was exhibited so closely to them, never approached the “Father.” For how can any mortal man ascend to the height of God unless he is raised on high by his hand? God in Christ descended to the lowliness of men to stretch out his hand to them. So do not those who reject God when he approaches them like this deserve to be excluded from heaven?

First Loved UsWe must realize that the same thing is addressed to us all. Whoever aspires to know God without beginning with Christ must wander in a labyrinth, so to speak, for it is not for nothing that he is called the image of the “Father,” as has been said already. Again, because everyone is deprived of all right knowledge of God who leaves Christ and strives like a Titan after heaven, so whoever directs his mind and all his sense to Christ will be led straight to the “Father.” For the apostle Paul truly declares that by the mirror of the Gospel we clearly behold God in the person of Christ (see 2 Corinthians 3:18). And it is indeed an incomparable reward for the obedience of faith that he who humbles himself before Christ penetrates beyond all the heavens, even to those mysteries which the angels behold and adore.

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