Glass Sculptures By Emily Williams

Sculpting-GlassEmily Williams creates detailed glass sculptures inspired by the natural world. Her glass sculptures explore complex plant and sea life forms. Science and natural history have always played a strong role in her life. As a child growing up in the 1960’s her family often traveled around the United States in a converted van.  They visited the great natural wonders such as the Petrified Forest and Monument Valley. Emily’s grandparents played a strong role in her love of science and nature too. Her grandmother worked as a docent for 20 years at the Smithsonian. She exposed Emily to some of the best art and science exhibits around Washington D.C. From an early age, the love of art and science has been intertwined. Emily recalled, “When growing up there were many old medical books of my father’s laying about. I loved pouring over the photographs and illustrations.”

Credit: Emily Williams Sculpture