How can you show love to your mother?

Mary, the mother of Jesus, stood by the cross at Calvary and witnessed as history’s greatest tragedy was inflicted upon her son. “When Jesus then saw His mother, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, He said to His mother, ‘Woman, behold, your son!’ Then He said to the disciple, ‘Behold, your mother!’ From that hour the disciple took her into his own household” (John 19:26-27)

motherpraisedJohn the Beloved lived to be an old man – long enough to take good care of Mary all the days of her life. Even as he hung dying on the cross, Jesus demonstrated His love toward His mother, making provisions for her care in His absence. The older a mother gets, the more she needs to know that her children still love her.

  1. Love her verbally

When you tell your mother that you love her, it is important to be specific. Tell her why and how you love her. Express some of the qualities for which you love, like the fact that you enjoy the meals she prepares, wash and iron your clothes etc.

  1. Love her physically

Your mother was the first person to touch you. Before you were born, she wrapped you in her womb. After you came into the world, she tickled the bottoms of your feet and made you laugh. She also changed your diapers, tied your shoelaces, combed your hair, and buttoned your shirts. She touched you constantly during all those years when you needed.

  1. Love her patiently

Moms have big jobs. There likely is no corporate responsibility that rivals motherhood when it comes to physical, emotional, and spiritual commitment. It is easy to become impatient with our mothers when they don’t do things the way we want them to.

  1. Listen to her

Can you remember a time when your mother stopped what she was doing to listen to you pour out your burdens? Sometimes our mothers long for someone to talk to. One of the sweetest ways you can express love toward your mother is to listen to her.

  1. Love her gratefully

Think for a moment about all the things that your mother has done for you over the years. If we begin to enumerate all the little things that our mothers have done throughout the years, we will realize that we owe them an enormous debt of gratitude.

  1. Love her forgivingly

Perhaps you do not have a harmonious relationship with your mother. You may be resentful and bitter toward her. Whatever has happened between you, you have a responsibility before God to forgive her. When we do not forgive we cannot love and God tells us to love.

  1. Love her honourably

“Honour your father and your mother that your days may be long upon the earth” (Exodus 20:12). It is the only one of the Ten Commandments with a built-in promise of blessing.

How do you love your mother?

You love her with all of your heart. You demonstrate your love to her in a way that make her grateful for every moment of time she invested in you, every penny she sacrificed for you, and every experience she provided that helped you become the person you are. Whoever you are, you owe a great deal to your mom.

Koh Eng