Are We Guarding The Wrong Things?

As leaders, there are a lot of things we guard.

We guard our weaknesses.

We guard our pain.

We guard our reputation.

The more we guard our weaknesses, the weaker we become.

The more we guard our pain, the more hurt we become and the more we hurt others.

The more we guard our reputations, the more our character undercuts our reputations.

proverbs4-23So, what should we guard?

We should guard our hearts: “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it” (Prov. 4:23, NIV).

Out of our hearts, that is, our mind, will, and emotions, flows the life we will live. But how do we do this? We guard our hearts by preaching the gospel to ourselves every day, all day long. Jesus is our defence against the idols that perpetually attack us and attempt to invade our hearts.

Jesus is our defence. We stand in his blood and righteousness.

In Jesus, we are loved with life-giving and everlasting love.

In Jesus, we are eternally forgiven; as far as the east is from the west our sins have been hurled into the sea of God’s forgotten memory.

In Jesus, we are reconciled to God the Papa; we are forever his children and friends.

In Jesus, we are the bride of Christ; we are deeply loved and cherished.

In Jesus, we are the very temple of the Holy Spirit along with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Through his epic work of grace, Jesus is the only defense against the idols that seek to invade our hearts.

ProverbsMarinate on that.

Derwin L. Gray. Leadership. 7 May 2015.