Mindfulness and Mood Disorders in the Brain

When one refers to meditation, a vast majority of believers visualize a non-Christian system, with accompanying chanting and repetitive vocalizations. This misrepresentation casts an indelible poverty over our self-awareness, or mindfulness of oneself and his surroundings, and far removes us from our spirituality in thinking deeply on the Word of God with God. Early Christian history had no such misgivings, and Christian meditation has had a long impressive past. However, in this present environment of gratuitous self-indulgence and impatient quick fixes, it will be a steep learning curve for many of us. It will take practiced discipline and a focused hope and love for our Lord and His revealed Word to recover this meditative art.

This Article is a little technical, but its embryonic research results are interesting and potentially replicable in treatment strategies for mood disorders, and otherwise fully healthy individuals.

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