Misconceptions About Humility

Humility is delightfully self-forgetful. The humble don’t fret over their own prestige or position, nor that of others. In short, humility is, as Robert Roberts has observed, transcendent self-confidence—a quality of character that liberates people from having to compare themselves with others and frees them to love everyone equally.

This is why pride is so damaging to love, whether for God or your neighbor. For the proud heart isn’t a broken heart, but a bottled-up heart from which love can’t flow. If we’re preoccupied with who people are or where they stand in the world’s pecking order, we’ll be blind to those of a different status and fail to love them as we ought.

Humility, however, doesn’t cling to rights or prerogatives. And thus it clears the way for love to flow to the Savior, and then to others. Love, not humility, is the goal. Humility is simply the mindset needed to love others as God calls us to.

A partial excerpt from Todd Wilson’s new book, Real Christian: Bearing the Marks of Authentic Faith.

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