Sunday, 15 December, 2019

Month: September 2014


Mosaiculture should be distinguished from topiary, which features mostly shrubs pruned to create different shapes. Mosaiculture is a horticultural art that involves creating and mounting colourful two- and three-dimensional designs, sculptures and reliefs made primarily from plants with colourful foliage that consists generally of annuals, and occasionally perennials. Mosaïcultures Internationales,

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A Community of Compassionate Correction, Not Condemnation

Reflection: Matthew 7: 1 – 5 This portion of Jesus’ teaching addresses the issue of the disciples’ interpersonal kingdom spirituality in their community relationships (vv.3-4: ‘brothers’). Given the high standards that our Lord had set for His disciples, it seems inevitable that human frailness in self-righteous critical and condemnatory attitudes

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