Eve: Brokenness & Comfort

Reflection: Genesis 2:18 – 4: 26; Romans 5:14 -21.

She was taken from the man’s side and formed to bless him as a companion and a partner. As the first created female, she is probably the most beautiful being in all of God’s creation, and together with Adam, totally innocent and lovable. However, Eve is undoubtedly one of the least honoured women in the Bible. Not surprisingly, as her association with the Fall has left a deep prejudice among us who consider her the epitome of our fallen state. Humanly speaking, for anyone connected with this haunting episode, they will be psychologically traumatized and tormented for the rest of their life; their personality assuredly unraveled! Without grace, survival is impossible!

The events leading to the Fall are significant and revealing! Calamitous events very rarely happen out of the blue. Usually an ambiguous lifestyle and a certain slant in thinking and behavior contribute to it. My take on this is that as head of his household, Adam, instead of being his wife’s cover, cowardly pulled the rug from under her, and blames her for his failings in not spiritually protecting her in the garden, and for his own disobedience. The essential issue is a problem of the heart, and such is the case with all sin to this day. As husbands and fathers, the exercise of responsibility over our family unit cannot be negated. It is difficult to imagine that in an instant, they both lost their innocence. Eve, possibly plagued by flashbacks and nightmares, withdraws into ‘the dark night of her soul’ in sin, humiliation, and loneliness, on top of being maligned by Adam, and the judgment of God.

In the midst of this human catastrophe, it is God who comforts her, auguring an astonishing redemption. It’s remarkable that the first promise of the Messiah’s coming was not given to Isaiah, David, Moses, or even Noah, but to Eve. God’s eternal wrath for this damning infraction would have been justified, but instead, in His protoevangel – the first gospel – He vouched to solve the problem of sin, death, and Satan Himself. Although she does not know the timing of his birth, she knew that this son would right all that Adam failed to do; as Paul pertinently expressed in his Epistle to the Romans – rendering Adam totally responsible for the Fall.

As a mother, Eve’s story did not end with God’s compassionate declaration. Her psyche compromised, Eve’s heart is further shattered by the murder of her younger son by the older (further evidence of some level of dysfunctional upbringing), dashing her hopes of the promised son. She would be at the lowest point of her life here. When the sufferings of life seem to be more than we can endure and the wounds too deep for words, what else can we hold on to in order to keep our sanity? Wounds heal, but scars remain. Eve will never forget what she lost for mankind, but ultimately she will hold on to the promise as articulated by Paul, “for I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us” (Rom 8:18) with the coming of our King and His Kingdom. Eve is a remarkable woman. Her strength of character and fortitude puts her heads and shoulders above others. And like her, our eternal consolation is to trust the Lord at His word, believing Him even though we never see the consummation of His promises in this life. This is called FAITH.