Animals That Look Helpless But Are Fearsome

Animals That Look Helpless But Are Fearsome.

This BBC article profiles eight creatures, some with fluffy faces, a timid demeanour and diminutive size, look about as far from being dangerous as it is possible to imagine. Some seem almost helpless in the face of predators. Others, encumbered with clumsy appendages, appear almost too ridiculous to be much of a threat. Yet despite their cute, silly or feeble appearance, evolution has gifted a handful of animals with special abilities that make them a force to be reckoned with; some possess powerful jaws and sharp teeth, while others have sharp beaks and talons. A few camouflage well their venomous capability against other predators, with fatal outcome. These are nature’s secret ninjas. The creatures listed are the Norwegian lemming, the Japanese land snail, the slow loris, the fulmar chick, the Emei moustache toad, the giant panda, the secretary bird, and the cone snail.

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