How Western Civilisation Could Collapse

How Western Civilisation Could Collapse.

This provocative essay by Rachel Nuwer for the BBC Future draws on historical and current events, and future-related research from different sources. The disintegration of numerous societies or countries today on several continents is disconcerting and depressing. The rampant killings and wars, at times verging on the genocidal, together with the colossal dispersal of refugees, seem to take on a life of its own. The suffering, for those with eyes to see, is beyond description. As time slips by, the disruptions and disorder seem hopelessly permanent, given man’s intransigent and unrelenting wilfulness and discrimination. The events in Syria are used as an illustration in the article. Although the roots for its present demise were inherent in the society long before sectarianism split it wide open, the article pointed out that when a segment of a society finds itself marginalised, a self-protective strategy comes into play, and when unremedied, an inevitable pushback occurs. This article highlights certain crucial political, social, and ecological ingredients that are critical for humanity to resolve, if our descent into chaos is to be halted.

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