Saturday, 20 January, 2018
How Does My Memory Measure Up?

How Does My Memory Measure Up?

How Does My Memory Measure Up?

This interesting illustrated article on the wonders of human memory by Rachel Riley, a mathematician, draws out several facts and figures on our memory system with longer transcripts for those who delight to delve further. Here are a few more delectable bits:

  • The human brain’s storage capacity is virtually limitless.
  • Caffeine only helps to increase alertness, it doesn’t maintain memory performances.
  • Sleep is significant to memory. Sleep helps in the retrieval and storage of long-term memories.
  • Many people link aging with memory loss. However, the memory loss people experience as they age is because they tend to exercise their brains less.
  • Your memory has the ability to associate a scent with a particular occurrence or event.
  • Researchers are starting to understand that the human mind can re-invent, distort, exaggerate or create a memory after any traumatic experience or event that affected them greatly.
  • Just like any other part of your body, exercise is also important for your brain. The more you try to think about a memory, you can remember it more accurately. In fact, when you think, it creates a stronger connection between active neurons.

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