How Parents Of Attackers Cope, After The Killing

How Parents Of Attackers Cope, After The Killing.

In many ways, this is a heart-wrenching topic to explore for any parent who come face-to-face with what their child had done, especially so when the killings involved a mass murder, usually of innocent civilians and children. The road to recovery for a parent, if that is possible, is long and hard. All the perpetrators referred to in this article suffered mental illnesses, and many of them did not receive medical or psychiatric treatment as they deteriorated, eventually leading them to commit the atrocities that made headlines around the world. What turned these young men into psychopaths and mass murderers is a question that has confounded psychiatrists and psychologists for years. Is it possible for a medical professional to predict such an outcome as a preventive measure? How does a mother or a father, surviving siblings or relatives cope with such a stigma? Are they always responsible for what their child did? Will the public and especially those who had lost loved ones ever forgive them? Can one go into hiding interminably as an option, even though it remains an unsatisfactory way of living one’s life? This article gives us some insight into how different parents coped with these questions.

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