Secure Connection

Secure Connection.

If you had been accessing my blog on an Android device or via Microsoft Explorer, it is likely you will get a response warning you that your connection to my site is not private, followed by an explanation. Just ignore it, as it is actually a valid Comodo SSL (secure socket layer) certificate, but apparently not a complete one to cater for Android devices and Microsoft Explorer. The SSL Certificates just ensure that communication between two websites or email accounts are encoded between the users. So it would not affect the normal blog traffic of viewers. If you are using the Mac Safari or Google Chrome, you should not be alerted to the warning notification. The prefix “https,” before my website name, indicates that the website had been secured. I have been patiently working with Bluehost and Comodo to correct this anomaly. My apologies for the inconvenience and possible anxiety caused.

20 January 2017 UPDATE: The above-mentioned matter had been resolved and I am glad you are able now to access my blog from your Android devices.

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