The USA’s 5 Most Expensive Drugs

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world, with annual worldwide sales topping over $1 trillion in 2014. The following are the most expensive drugs to date in the USA. Their estimated cost computation is dependent on the dosage levels, which varies according to ages, and the frequency of drug administration. These shocking costs are well beyond the means of a normal family to afford without assistance!

  1. Soliris: US$575,000 annuallySoliris

Soliris is used in the treatment of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, an extremely rare blood stem cell disorder that destroys patient’s red blood cells, making them susceptible to infection, severe anemia and blood clots. It is manufactured by Alexion Pharmaceuticals, and studies have shown that treatment with Soliris can reduce the complications of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria by up to 90%.

  1. Naglazyme: US$485,000 annuallyNaglazyme

It is for a disease that afflicts children, a rare connective tissue disorder known as Maroteaux–Lamy syndrome. Children with this disorder do not develop muscles, joints and tissues properly, often leaving them with a form of dwarfism. Almost all children with Maroteaux–Lamy syndrome have heart disease, and in some cases it can cause neurological damage, deafness, eye damage and brain damage. The drug is manufactured by Biomarin.

  1. Elaprase: US$375,000 annuallyElaprase

Elaprase is used in the treatment of Hunter syndrome, an inherited and incurable condition that generally manifests in childhood, inhibiting physical growth and impairing mental development. Elaprase, which is manufactured by Shire, is an injected drug that replaces the missing enzyme and improves those 1 in 150,000 suffering from the syndrome’s effects – inability to walk.

  1. Cinryze: US$350,000 annuallyCinryze

Cinryze is a medication to treat a hereditary disorder called angioedema. It is a rare condition that can be life threatening, as it causes severe swelling of the hands, throat and abdomen among other body parts. The disease is caused by a malfunction in the C1 inhibitor that promotes immune system function and blood clotting, resulting in dangerous swelling. Cinryze is an intravenous medication manufactured by ViroPharma.

  1. Folotyn: US$320,000 annuallyFolotyn

T-cell lymphoma is a very rare type of lymphoma and it is also extremely aggressive. Once the lymphoma has spread it essentially affects the entire body, rendering the cells that fight viruses useless. It is manufactured by Allos Therapeutics, is a six-week treatment prescribed as a last-ditch effort to destroy the cancer.

Credit: Bloomberg