I have started a new Facebook page called ICHTHUS, specifically for those who are burdened to pray for the persecution of Christian minorities worldwide. These atrocities toward believers have been increasing through the years, and if, like me, you are just as saddened and deeply grieved by them, then please read on and spend time praying over these news items. Some of them may be gruesome and depressing to digest, and if you are traumatised by them, please do not continue to mull over the ICHTHUS page(s)

The broad objective here is to gather from diverse sources, and there are many on the web,  the latest news in one place, regarding the sufferings of our brothers and sisters – our one family in Christ. So that we are not overwhelmed by these consistently disturbing news, I will limit the postings each day. But prayer is of the essence and the purpose behind these postings.

If you are from a different religious background, please do not take any offence at some of these postings, as man’s inhumanity to man have reached such cruel proportions worldwide that we need to also intercede for each other.

Read ICHTHUS at: